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Map of Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Timor Leste and the Philippines.

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View our expert commentary and informed analysis on the latest developments in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Snapshot #22

SOVINDA PO | Mixed stances on the Russian invasion of Ukraine from ASEAN member states The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted… Read More

Digital futures: Financial inclusion in the Asia Pacific

ERIN WATSON-LYNN AND TENGFEI WANG | The outcomes of harnessing digital technologies for financial inclusion will pay dividends for people at the bottom of… Read More

In multilateral forums, can Indonesia lead?

PIA DANNHAUER AND GRETA NABBS-KELLER | As Indonesia presides over the G20 this year and assumes the ASEAN chair in 2023, international… Read More

How Australia can be a catalyst for civil-military cooperation in Southeast Asia

MELISSA CONLEY TYLER, CHRIS GARDINER AND GRETA NABBS-KELLER | With the prevalence and intensity of natural disasters on the rise across… Read More

Data security, market competition and emerging mobile payment platforms in the Asia Pacific

HUI FENG, LUKE HOUGHTON, ERNEST FOO, DIAN TJONDRONEGORO AND KHONDKER MOHAMMAD ZOBAIR | Mobile payment platforms (MPPs) have become the vanguard of financial… Read More

Southeast Asia Snapshot #21

SOVINDA PO | Ferdinand Marcos Jr seeks military presence in the South China Sea During the Philippines’ Presidential Debate on 15 February 2022,… Read More

A no-fly zone won’t fly in Myanmar

ANDREW SELTH  |   Since the February 2021 coup, resistance to the junta in Myanmar has grown from protest rallies and civil disobedience campaigns to… Read More

Myanmar’s military numbers

ANDREW SELTH  |   Over the years, countless attempts have been made to estimate the size of Myanmar’s armed forces (or Tatmadaw). However, the fact… Read More

COVID-19 is changing financial inclusion: Can policymakers keep up?

SHAWN HUNTER AND PETER ROSENKRANZ | The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of ensuring that the poorest and most vulnerable people… Read More

Southeast Asia Snapshot #20

SOVINDA PO | Cambodia to not invite Myanmar Foreign Minister to ASEAN Ministerial Meeting On 3 February 2022, Cambodia announced that it… Read More

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