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Regional wrap | 53

Australia commits $270 billion to boost defence capability. CCP's draconian national security law comes into effect in Hong Kong. India bans 59 Chinese apps amid border tensions Read More

Regional wrap | 52

Deaths at the Sino-Indian border after 46 years. North Korea ratchets up fresh tensions with South Korea. Australia sets up a disinformation task force Read More

The ‘new normal’ in the COVID-19 era: Is local government ready?

The ‘new normal’ in the COVID-19 era: Is local government ready? Event by the Australia-Indonesia Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change. Read More

Mapping the cost of the pandemic to women in the Indo-Pacific

A new survey is a wake-up call for governments and organisations to direct urgent funding to women’s peace and security. Professor Sara Davies from Griffith Asia Institute shares her insights. Read More

Regional wrap

1. The US in disarray with widespread violent protests 2. China passes new security law for Hong Kong 3. India-China engaged in yet another standoff along the LAC Read More

COVID-19: When will it be safe to loosen restrictions?

COVID19: When will it be safe to loosen the restrictions?" was organised by the Australia-Indonesia Collaborative Programs on Sustainable Development and Climate Change (CAIPSDCC)—a joint collaboration between the Institute for Sustainable Earth and Resources (I-SER), Universitas Indonesia and Griffith University, Australia. This is the second in the CAIPSDCC webinar series, as part of the Planetary and Human Health to Fight Global Pandemic topic series. Read More

Battling pandemic—between ideology and health

One of the first casualties of COVID-19 has been largely ignored in the current crisis. Ideology has ruled the world since the end of WWII… Read More

Regional wrap

1. China uses trade lever to pressure Australia 2. The WHA passes motion to investigate Covid-19 3. Sino-Indian rivalry heats up again Read More

COVID-19: some other lessons for Australia

Bruce Miller AO, is the Chair of the Griffith Asia Institute Advisory Council. He was Australia’s former Ambassador to Japan, draws out the domestic policy implications for Australia of the slapdash and reckless COVID19 responses of Britain and the United States. And suggest for the examination of other policy models in Asia or continental Europe. Read More

Australians open their homes to international students left destitute by the coronavirus shutdown

Thousands of international students in Australia have been left without work and government support during the coronavirus crisis. Many will at least be offered a welcoming home thanks to hundreds of generous Australians. Read More

Imagining a new post-COVID-19 international economic order for the Pacific islands
Reflections on press freedom as a pillar of democracy
Women are most affected by pandemics — lessons from past outbreaks
COVID-19 has disrupted data collection as well…

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