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Social media and democracy in the Philippines

The digitalisation of almost every aspect of civic life has brought forth a new constitutional moment. The hyper-connectivity of peoples in the digital space has… Read More

COVID-19 rhetoric and governance in the Philippines

COVID-19 cases in Philippines continue to rise daily by the thousands. The continued high number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines is a result of internal governance malfunction and leadership failure. Read More

South East Asia Snapshot #4

Power struggle in Malaysian politics. Cambodia demolishes US-built facility at Ream Naval Base. Protests against labour law in Indonesia. More from Dr Lucy West in South East Asia Snapshot. Read More

Regional wrap | 59

In Regional Wrap with Aakriti Bacchawat- China's flexing of military muscle over Taiwan Wang-Jaishankar meeting fails to achieve peace at LAC Fresh political drama in Malaysia Read More

South East Asia Snapshot #3

A fortnightly snapshot of what’s making headlines in South East Asia. Pro-democracy movement gains momentum in Bangkok. Duterte defends drug war and the Philippine’s South China Sea claims in UN speech. Annual ASEAN foreign ministers convene online Read More

Regional wrap | 58

Asia Regional Wrap with Aakriti Bachhawat. Fresh troubles along the India-China border. Australian journalists evacuated from China Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to step down. Read More

South East Asia Snapshot #2

A wrap up on the fortnight that was in South East Asia by Dr Lucy West. Dengue outbreak complicates South East Asia’s COVID-19 response. Myanmar soldiers confirm atrocities against Rohingya. Read More

Regional wrap | 57

Regional Wrap with Aakriti Bachhawat: Aus govt to put a dampened on Victoria's BRI plans. China's 'hurt' feelings vis-a-vis Australia even as economic coercion continues. RIMPAC exercise underway Read More

South East Asia Snapshot #1

Dr Lucy West shares a snapshot of the fortnight that was in South East Asia. Read More

Will Indonesia succumb to a secular growth slow-down? If so, does it matter?

In an iconoclastic paper, Lant Pritchett and Larry Summers (2015), question the standard view that emerging economies in the Asian region that are currently growing… Read More

Social media and democracy in the Philippines
The source of Xi Jinping’s extraordinary power
Battling pandemic—between ideology and health
COVID-19 and Solomon Islands: How is the economy holding up?

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