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Regional wrap

The coronavirus crisis, or what might be more aptly described as the coronavirus pandemic, has become the most definitive phenomenon this year whose second… Read More

Part 1 | Indian Ocean air power: An ocean of air forces

The Indian Ocean has become an area of geostrategic competition. As Australia is an Indian Ocean country, it is incumbent our national security community to… Read More

Side effects: Covid-19 allows India a chance to lend Myanmar a hand

The Indian Air Force last week evacuated 112 people stranded in Wuhan, one of several operations by India to the the Chinese… Read More

Regional wrap

Change is the only constant in life they say—this holds even more true for politics. The past fortnight witnessed yet another demonstration of how dynamic… Read More

The Pacific in India’s Indo-Pacific

In late September last year, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi devoted considerable effort to wooing the… Read More

Regional wrap

The Indo-Pacific region continued to witness the unfolding of the coronavirus pandemic as more and more cases came to light this fortnight. The World Health… Read More

Four reasons why the Indo-Pacific matters in 2020

If there is one place in the world that we need to keep our eyes on for a better understanding of the dynamics of international… Read More

Regional wrap

The year 2020 seems to be on a relentlessly challenging course- while Australia continues to grapple with the bushfire crisis, the Indo-Pacific region now has… Read More

Revisiting India’s growth slowdown: How bad is it?

Abhijit Banerjee, who, along with Esther Duflo (his partner) and Michael Kremer, won the latest Nobel prize in economics, has warned that the Indian economy… Read More

Regional wrap

The last month of this year, and this decade, has so far been a troubling one. From extensive bush-fires and thick smoke choking large… Read More


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