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The clash with China is India’s biggest test

Recent clashes with China will present tough choices for Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Professor Ian Hall, Deputy Director, Research, Griffith Asia Institute shares commentary on the dispute Read More

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Deaths at the Sino-Indian border after 46 years. North Korea ratchets up fresh tensions with South Korea. Australia sets up a disinformation task force Read More

China and India’s deadly Himalayan clash is a big test for Modi. And a big concern for the world.

China and India’s deadly Himalayan clash is a big test for Modi. And a big concern for the world. Read More

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1. The US in disarray with widespread violent protests 2. China passes new security law for Hong Kong 3. India-China engaged in yet another standoff along the LAC Read More

Border disputes between India and Nepal: Will India act as a responsible rising power?

India and Nepal’s enduring border disputes have repeatedly provoked nationalist movements and protests in Nepal and alienated Nepal from India. Resolving the disputes through cooperative… Read More

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1. China uses trade lever to pressure Australia 2. The WHA passes motion to investigate Covid-19 3. Sino-Indian rivalry heats up again Read More

Australians open their homes to international students left destitute by the coronavirus shutdown

Thousands of international students in Australia have been left without work and government support during the coronavirus crisis. Many will at least be offered a welcoming home thanks to hundreds of generous Australians. Read More

Asia Stories | Taking the Long Road with Caitlin Byrne

Taking the long road with Caitlin Byrne - Caitlin shares with us her journey through research and diplomatic practice in this episode of Asia Stories. Read More

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Griffith Asia Institute, Regional Wrap by Aakritit Bachhawat. Aus takes principled stand against Chinese economic coercion US leads push to restructure global supply chains India-Aus plan 'virtual' bilateral summit Read More

Autocrats are finding democratic facades hard to keep up

Covid19 is making dictatorship clearer as faking credible elections gets harder. Lee Morgenbesser from Griffith University shares his insights Read More


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