Region-India and South Asia

Why India won’t break with Russia… yet

IAN HALL | In recent weeks, India has been more vocal about the Ukraine conflict than at the start of the war, beginning with… Read More

India’s fickle geostrategic framework

PETER LAYTON | In October 2022, India abstained from voting in a UN Security Council draft resolution against Russia’s annexation of areas of Ukrainian territory… Read More

Towards a digitally inclusive society: Can Sri Lanka achieve it?

PRABATH PERERA | Sri Lanka has progressed through numerous challenges during the past few decades, such as thirty years of civil war, the… Read More

Privatising Poverty Series Part 2: Market-based development vs structural adjustment―same same, but different

RON BEVACQUA | Some comments on the first post in this blog series linked market-based development to the structural adjustment programs (SAPs) pursued by… Read More

Nuclear deterrence: Actions speak louder than words

BROOKE TAYLOR AND PETER LAYTON | Nuclear threats are back with, a hard-nosed, in-your-face rhetoric. The Cold War had crises, but it was primarily… Read More

Bangladesh seeks support from the IMF: Why and what lies ahead?

IYANATUL ISLAM | Local and international media reports have highlighted the news that Bangladesh has sought financial assistance from the IMF. A widely… Read More

Digital futures: Driving systemic change for women

ERIN WATSON-LYNN AND TENGEI WANG | As digital technology continues to unlock new financial opportunities for people across Asia and the Pacific, it is… Read More

A view from afar: Australia and the Arctic

ELIZABETH BUCHANAN | The Arctic is once more in geopolitical free fall. Australia should construct an approach to its Arctic interests informed by our… Read More

Answering China’s South China Sea flying safety challenge

PETER LAYTON | China continues to double down on its dangerous intercept of an Australian maritime surveillance aircraft flying in international air space in the… Read More

Indian Ocean rivalries: China and India in the Indian Ocean

PETER LAYTON  |  China is a one-ocean country with a two ocean posture. In the Pacific, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) focuses on defending… Read More


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