Financial inclusion

COVID-19 is changing financial inclusion: Can policymakers keep up?

SHAWN HUNTER AND PETER ROSENKRANZ | The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of ensuring that the poorest and most vulnerable people… Read More

Financial inclusion of informal women market vendors in Port Moresby

As part of the Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series, Dr Elizabeth Kopel, shares insights on women market vendors in Port Moresby. Read More

Adding value and impact? The next generation of social entrepreneurs across the Asia Pacific

As part of the Asia Pacific Women thought leadership series, Erin Watson-Lynn shares her insights on adding value and impact for the next generation of social entrepreneurs across the Asia Pacific Read More

A tale of two sectors: Women leaders bridging the formal and informal sectors during Vanuatu’s COVID crisis

Anna Naupa explores how women leaders are bridging both formal and informal sectors to drive the Vanuatu government's COVID-19 tourism response and recovery. Read More

Adapting remittances to the new normal—the case of Fiji

Remittance flow is falling victim to COVID-19. Eserani Munivai suggests expanding connectivity may enhance financial and digital literacy to reduce costs and deepen access across previously excluded segments in Pacific societies. Read More

Trade and poverty: Some considerations for Pacific island countries

DEVENDRA NARAIN, KELERA ROGOIRUWAI AND TARLOK SINGH In September 2015, the United Nations general assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) to… Read More

Financial development in Vanuatu on a global scale

This joint Reserve Bank of Vanuatu-Griffith University working paper is part of an ongoing extensive research capacity building program led by Griffith University for the South Pacific central banks. The views and opinions expressed in this study are those of the authors and do not reflect those of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu or its Board. Read More


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