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Bougainville votes for independence The results of the Bougainville referendum were announced last week. After two weeks of polling, verification and counting proceeded smoothly… Read More

Climate adaptation and businesses: The case for private sector leadership in the Asia Pacific

Why climate risk management matters for businesses Climate change adaptation is often described as a local issue and therefore the responsibility of local governments and… Read More

Who is driving the Pacific agenda?

Background The Pacific region is currently the focus of attention by Pacific rim powers mainly concerned about their own security and economic prospects.  The geopolitical… Read More

Who’s leading, and where are we going?

Global leadership works best when liberal great powers embrace a shared, inclusive vision of global order, jointly manage the challenges to that order, and fund… Read More

How dangerous is the South China Sea?

While territorial disputes in the South China Sea are hotly debated in international relations, they hold relatively little weight in the grand scheme of China’s… Read More

Environmentally sustainable water management in the Asia Pacific

Balancing water needs for human use and for the protection of freshwater ecosystems is one of society’s great challenges. Freshwater is not distributed uniformly across… Read More

COP25 delay tactics hamper setting ambitious targets

The 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) is currently taking place in Madrid, Spain. Officially opened last Monday, the event will run through to 13 December. Read More

The state in the neighbourhood: A snapshot of Queensland’s engagement in the Asia Pacific

Significant transformation in Australia’s neighbourhood—the rise of Asian economies, cities and middle classes, unprecedented digital disruption, and near insatiable demands for knowledge, innovation and infrastructure—offers… Read More

Regional wrap

Concerns about the Chinese Communist Party’s nefariously growing interference into the region (and Australia’s) domestic politics, society and academy dominated the headlines Down Under this… Read More

More questions after the Pacific Q&A

Perhaps the most telling exchange on this week’s Q&A broadcast from Suva came right at the end. Alex Hawke (Australian Minister for International Development… Read More

Social media and democracy in the Philippines
Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 1 December
As Australia deploys troops and police, what now for Solomon Islands?
Reflections on press freedom as a pillar of democracy

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