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Technological change and the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper

In November 2017, the Australian government released its Foreign Policy White Paper to a flurry of interest and speculation as to how Australia will chart… Read More

Australia’s search for a China policy

The Sydney Morning Herald journalist Peter Hartcher recently opined that for all Donald J. Trump’s manifest faults, the President has done one good thing: he has ‘shocked’… Read More

Quo vadis, Australia?

Foreign policy white papers can disappoint. More than white papers on domestic policy, they deal largely with the unknown. And, for small and medium-sized countries… Read More

Australia’s Foreign Policy White Paper offers more wishful thinking than concrete ideas

A white paper has many purposes and audiences. There are, for example, the other government departments, ministers, opposition, internal staff that have to breach the… Read More

The Rohingya crisis and Myanmar’s military responses

Since October 2016, when militants from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) attacked three border police posts in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, developments in that part… Read More

Wang Huning: China’s antidote to strongman politics

In international politics, the concept of “soft power” is already well known. But in the Chinese domestic domain, the contest for power is often dominated… Read More

Coral Bell and the ‘concert of powers’ problem

The End of the Vasco da Gama Era is vintage Coral Bell: bold and trenchant, with plenty on which both academics and policymakers might chew. Read More

How should Australia defend itself against a rising China?

The rise of China is the big international relations issue of our time. Unsurprisingly then, various solutions have been suggested to the strategic concerns China… Read More

APEC leaders’ meeting exposes policy fault line

With differing views on trade, multilateralism and the future of APEC itself, the latest APEC leaders’ meeting presented much more to think about than the… Read More

Support for decentralisation and political Islam go together in Indonesia

Decentralized governance has been a key feature of Indonesian democratization. With the laws on regional autonomy (otonomi daerah) implemented in 2001, local governments acquired substantial… Read More

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