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Sino-Latin American relations and the Trump administration

Sino–Latin American relations have experienced an unprecedented growth since 2001, particularly after China joined the World Trade Organisation. Trade jumped from 12 billion dollars at the… Read More

Regional wrap

The last fortnight was witness to two important summits between rival nations in the region, both significant for the apparent ‘thaw’ in bilateral relations that… Read More

Has India blinked?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement that he plans to visit China for an ‘informal summit’ with President Xi Jinping is part of a … Read More

Australia’s Chinese ballistic missile problem

Late last year in Australia, there was sudden interest shown in ballistic missile defence (BMD). Although the driver was North Korea’s missile testing,… Read More

Grey zone warfare at sea and Japan’s response

China’s Military Strategy states, “The traditional mentality that land outweighs sea must be abandoned.” However, China is a continental power after all; it interprets… Read More

Australia and the Korean crisis: Confronting the limits of influence?

North Korea’s announcement last weekend that it has suspended its nuclear and missile testing programs is one more sign the country’s attempt to remould its… Read More

Duelling algorithms: Using artificial intelligence in warfighting

Technological change is relentless. Fifth generation warfare is only just emerging but already commercial technology developments are pushing us in new directions. Artificial intelligence (AI) has… Read More

The ‘other’ ethnic minorities in China

Among China’s 55 state-recognised ethnic minorities, the Tibetans and Uyghurs get most media attention. Mostly negative, its focus is repression and human rights abuses. However, relations among… Read More

Exploring environmental management accounting and corporate sustainability in Australia and Sri Lanka

Associate Professor Ki-hoon Lee is building a global network and knowledge base around environmental management accounting (EMA) and corporate sustainability practices, and he is an… Read More

Regional wrap

While the most important global development this fortnight was the US, UK and France’s precision missile strikes in Syria in response to Assad’s use of… Read More

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