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Since Singapore summit, Kim Jong-un is one up on Donald Trump

Almost three months to the day since the Singapore summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump, the White House has confirmed it… Read More

Regional wrap

The last fortnight will go down as one of the most absurd in Australia’s political history. What began as a leadership challenge to Prime Minister… Read More

The ‘rule of law’ as a political weapon in Cambodia

The Law as a Political Weapon The Cambodian Government is not shy in using the law to suppress opposition voices and human rights defenders. In… Read More

Two decades of economic growth benefited only the richest 20%. How severe is inequality in Indonesia?

A World Bank report in 2015 rang alarm bells for Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Despite Indonesia managing to more than halve its poverty rate since 1999, inequality… Read More

Finding Australia’s soft power

The former Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop recently launched Australia’s first-ever review of soft power. It’s a bold move, flagging a new reality that… Read More

India still wary of the Quad amid its own China ‘reset’

India has recently been called out for being the weakest link in the revitalised Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, a framework for cooperation involving three other… Read More

Regional wrap

The last fortnight witnessed the unfolding of dramatic events, turnarounds and some disturbing developments in the Asia Pacific region. The most talked-about development was another… Read More

India as a case of the ‘Billionaire Raj’

James Crabtree, formerly Mumbai bureau chief of the Financial Times, and currently holding a professorial position at the National University of Singapore, has recently released… Read More

Financial stability: An assessment of Fiji’s banking sector on a global scale

A large and escalating body of theoretical and empirical literature concludes that finance matters for economic growth and poverty reduction.  When operating effectively, finance works… Read More

Considering the Indo-Pacific and the Blue Pacific

Recent months have seen an intensification of diplomatic activity in the Pacific Ocean, as traditional powers and new friends alike have redoubled their courtship… Read More

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