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Maritime security cooperation: The Philippine experience

With the heightened importance of maritime issues in the region coupled with strategic competition between the powers of the Indo-Pacific, the maritime domain has turned… Read More

Enhancing counterterrorism cooperation through transnational communities

Despite the extensive counter-terrorism efforts invested by states in the region, terrorism continues to be a key national security threat among states in the Indo-Pacific… Read More

Australia-Philippines security cooperation: The maritime dimension

Since the start of Battle for Marawi, in late May 2017, attention has tended to focus on the development of a stronger partnership between… Read More

Entering the Goldilocks Zone? Strategic inertia and new opportunities in the Australia-Philippines relationship

In science it is noted that terrestrial planets are situated in the ‘Goldilocks zone’, that is the habitable or life zone in space where a… Read More

Enhancing the intercultural business capabilities of women entrepreneurs from India

India is the fastest growing start-up ecosystem in the world, yet the presence of women within this space is very limited. A study by… Read More

Building an Australian grand strategy

Grand strategy is rarely mentioned in Australian defence debates. That’s unfortunate as it’s designed for use in solving complex problems when resources are limited. And… Read More

On “legitimacy”: Trump, Kim, and US-North Korea summitry

Concerns of a PR coup for the DPRK underestimate how crucial leader-to-leader diplomacy really is. You could hear the complaints almost before Trump and Kim … Read More

How mateship made way for freedom, democracy and rule of law

Australia’s diplomatic language has evolved during a period of instability and risk, but is practice following? Read More

Asia Future Fellows nurture Australia–China relationship

Last week, 12 Griffith University students and 8 Peking University students spent time in Brisbane participating in a range of activities for Asia Future Fellows… Read More

Regional wrap

The past fortnight would be best described as surreal and bizarre; surreal because one witnessed leaders of countries seemingly hostile to each other dining nonchalantly… Read More

Social media and democracy in the Philippines
South East Asia Snapshot #18
A disruptive innovation, future-focussed Australian strategic studies
Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 19 January

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