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Economic consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war: A grim outlook

YAN ISLAM | The latest evaluations by IMF, World Bank and UN agencies reveal that the war in Ukraine that commenced with Russia’s invasion… Read More

Japan and the Pacific—introducing PALM

ISABELLA BROWN AND TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  The Pacific Leaders Meeting (PALM) is a summit-level meeting that began in 1997 and has been held… Read More

This is where we live: Has Australia been a good neighbour in the Pacific?

TESS NEWTON CAIN | I was once asked “why should Australians care about what happens in the Pacific? and my response was (or started with)… Read More

Weapon of war in Europe? The escalation of sexual and gender-based violence in Ukraine-Russia conflict

Like all wars the Ukrainian crisis has distinct and devastating impacts on women and children. We must do more to foreground gender analysis at all… Read More

Ukraine before the Russian invasion: Democratic governance and economic performance

YAN ISLAM | Stanford historian Norman Naimark proclaims that Ukraine was a ‘thriving young democracy’ prior to the Russian invasion. He qualifies this… Read More

A coordinated developmental agenda for the Quad

TEESTA PRAKASH | Aid, or Official Developmental Assistance (ODA), is an integral part of the Asia-Pacific regional architecture, particularly in South East Asia which… Read More

Digital futures: Financial inclusion in the Asia Pacific

ERIN WATSON-LYNN AND TENGFEI WANG | The outcomes of harnessing digital technologies for financial inclusion will pay dividends for people at the bottom of… Read More

In multilateral forums, can Indonesia lead?

PIA DANNHAUER AND GRETA NABBS-KELLER | As Indonesia presides over the G20 this year and assumes the ASEAN chair in 2023, international political and… Read More

Australia’s Ukraine policy

ELIZABETH BUCHANAN | Australia has committed a significant aid package to Ukraine and applied further sanctions against Russia. Though this European security crisis unfolds… Read More

How Australia can be a catalyst for civil-military cooperation in South East Asia

MELISSA CONLEY TYLER, CHRIS GARDINER AND GRETA NABBS-KELLER With the prevalence and intensity of natural disasters on the rise across South East Asia, more effective… Read More

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