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Activating greater trade and investment between Australia and Pacific island countries

Activating greater trade and investment between Australia and Pacific island countries. Can Australia be a bigger and better market for the Pacific. Read More

Information sharing among Pacific central banks

RAYNOLD MICAH MOVENI  |   In a previous article on the Pacific Forum, I raised the prospect of information sharing among the… Read More

Trade and poverty: Some considerations for Pacific island countries

DEVENDRA NARAIN, KELERA ROGOIRUWAI AND TARLOK SINGH In September 2015, the United Nations general assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) to… Read More

COVID-19 Pandemic—discussion and information sharing is vital

COVID-19 has stormed the world by surprise. Its intensity, ferocity, and velocity of cross-border transmission have so far strained global financial systems and inflicted massive… Read More

COVID-19 and Solomon Islands: How is the economy holding up?

With the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic around the world, attention has turned to its impact on the Pacific Islands. In most cases, however,… Read More

Pacific Trade Invest launches a longitudinal survey to monitor COVID-19 impacts on Pacific businesses

Pacific Trade Invest launches a longitudinal survey to monitor Covid-19 impacts on Pacific businesses by Caleb Jarvis for Griffith Asia Institute Read More

Sustainable business after the lockdown—business as unusual

ROB HALES AND VANESSA TAVERAS DALMAU | At the peak of the #covid19 lockdown it was estimated that global CO2e emissions were 17% below 2019 average emission levels. Vanessa Taveras Dalmau and Rob Hales share insights on #sustainability post-lockdown Read More

Regional wrap

1. The US in disarray with widespread violent protests 2. China passes new security law for Hong Kong 3. India-China engaged in yet another standoff along the LAC Read More

Ecosystems, climate change and GDP: Some considerations for PICs

Rural communities in Pacific island countries (PICs), which rely directly and acutely on nature’s goods and services for food and materiale, face a range… Read More

Capacity building and central banking in the Pacific

COVID-19 has no doubt brought back to the policymaking table many lingering, once believed to be settled, issues—much more than the 2007 Global Financial Crisis… Read More


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