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Designing an Australian grand strategy for China

A grand strategy involves developing and applying national power to improve the relationship our nation has with another. This whole-of-nation activity integrates multiple interests while using diverse forms of power including diplomatic, economic, societal, cyber and military. Dr Peter Layton, Visiting Fellow at Griffith Asia Institute shares insights on an Australian Grand Strategy for China. Read More

The two great threats of 2020: coronavirus – and Keynes

The fiscal response to the COVID-19 pandemic leaves an economically threatening legacy of high budget deficits and public debt. Professor Tony Makin shares his insights. Read More

Tools for managing complex negotiations

Dr Larry Crump Larry submitted a survey article on the state of practice titled “Tools for managing complex negotiations.” Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 24 June

Tess Newton Cain's weekly bulletin looks at the deferral of the changeover for Secretary General, Kiribati elections overshadowed, 9th COVID-19 case in PNG, trade developments in Solomon Islands and PNG and USP reinstates VC. Read More

Financial integration: An OZ-PICs-NZ proposal

Dr Parmendra Sharma & Ms Kalolaini Ranadi discuss the opportunities for greater financial integration between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific island countries. Their study provides opportunities for a strategic OZ-PICs-NZ partnership in the financial landscape. Read More

ANALYSIS | Whither Australia-China Trade?

The Australia-China trade relationship is currently under significant strain. Professor Tony Mankin from the Griffith Asia Institute shares his insights. Read More

Activating greater trade and investment between Australia and Pacific island countries

Activating greater trade and investment between Australia and Pacific island countries. Can Australia be a bigger and better market for the Pacific. Read More

Information sharing among Pacific central banks: Some thoughts

In a previous article on the Pacific Forum, I raised the prospect of information sharing among the people of the South Pacific—particularly those in rural… Read More

Trade and poverty: Some considerations for Pacific island countries

DEVENDRA NARAIN, KELERA ROGOIRUWAI AND TARLOK SINGH In September 2015, the United Nations general assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) to… Read More

COVID-19 Pandemic—discussion and information sharing is vital

COVID-19 has stormed the world by surprise. Its intensity, ferocity, and velocity of cross-border transmission have so far strained global financial systems and inflicted massive… Read More


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