COVID-19 and the PICs: Where to from here?

Economies around the world—small, large, developing, developed, emerging—all sizes and types—are now at some point in the post-COVID-19 economic recovery phase. Among these, the case… Read More

Pyongyang might be ready for a helping hand from Seoul

Pride may get in the way, but mutual success against the coronavirus offers a strong foundation for cooperation. Read More

Future defence national mobilisations and COVID-19

National mobilisation, the purposeful use of society’s resources to defend Australia and its interests, has been prominent in the managing of the 2020 pandemic. A deep analysis of this is a post-COVID-19 task but some matters relevant to thinking about future defence national mobilisations are already evident explains Griffith University’s Dr Peter Layton. Read More

The prospects for China’s post–COVID-19 economy

Big questions loom around how China can jump-start growth after the coronavirus crisis and the US trade war. Optimists hope that Beijing will summon a massive infrastructure stimulus, triggering a commodity boom, as happened after the global financial crisis in 2009. Griffith Asia Institute, Industry Fellow, Rowan Callick. Read More

In the age of the COVID-19 crisis, have journalists become the new diplomats?

Bradley McConachie describes an expanded role of journalists in the era of COVID-19 and discusses the effects. Read More

Australians open their homes to international students left destitute by the coronavirus shutdown

Thousands of international students in Australia have been left without work and government support during the coronavirus crisis. Many will at least be offered a welcoming home thanks to hundreds of generous Australians. Read More

International anarchy and failure to cope with COVID-19

The perils of anarchy, the failure of global governance and the tragedy of great power rivalries explain why the world is feckless in coping with the pandemic says Griffith Asia Researcher, Kai He Read More

Time to get serious about support for the Pacific’s least developed countries

Until early this year the Pacific islands were a rare ray of sunshine for the international development system. The region’s four least developed countries (LDCs)… Read More

The great ‘Global Coronavirus Crisis’ and the PICs

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the globe very hard, especially given the economies were still recovering from the recent shocks of Global Financial Crisis (GFC)… Read More

COVID-19 delivers a body blow to Pacific tourism

The Pacific’s $4.2 billion tourism industry has been brought to its knees by COVID-19, with no certain signs of a proper recovery for at least two years. Tourism receipts from air travel alone totalled US$4.2 billion in 2019, an increase from US$4 billion in 2018. The economic fallout from the decline is expected to be severe in a region prone to natural disasters, and high levels of poverty and unemployment. Read More


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