How shared distrust of China Is fueling closer India-Australia relations

Professor Ian Hall, Griffith Asia Institute shares insights on the strengthening of India-Australia Relations Read More

Imagining a new post-COVID-19 international economic order for the Pacific islands

A new international economic order must be embraced for the Pacific islands which places our peoples and cultural heritage at the core of this new development paradigm. Dr Transform Aqorau shares his insights. Read More

Coronavirus in the Pacific: weekly briefing

Tess Newton Cain and Dan McGarry share their weekly update on Covid-19 in the Pacific. Read More

Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji: Revised growth predictions 2019-2020

Statement by the Chairman of the Macroeconomic Committee and Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Mr Ariff Ali. Read More

The spending splurge matters, regardless of what modern monetary theory says

There are a number of reasons why deficits and debt do matter, even if the debt is effectively owed to the central bank and even if it has been created in a recession, or in anticipation of one – as is the case for the COVID-19 to the economy. Read More

Tough choices dealing with COVID-19 in the Pacific

Tess Newton Cain shares her insights on the tough choices Pacific Island Countries have to make when dealing with the covid19 pandemic. Read More

Regional wrap | 53

Australia commits $270 billion to boost defence capability. CCP's draconian national security law comes into effect in Hong Kong. India bans 59 Chinese apps amid border tensions Read More

Coronavirus in the Pacific: weekly briefing | 1 July

The Pacific Region has listed 382 cases of covid19, an increase of 22 since last week. Tess Newton Cain and Dan McGarry share their insights. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 1 July

Tess Newton Cain's weekly bulletin looks at the gender-based violence in PNG, social impacts of COVID-19 in Fiji, New Caledonia referendum, opposition party in Fiji and the new Kiribati president’s agenda. Read More

The two great threats of 2020: coronavirus – and Keynes

The fiscal response to the COVID-19 pandemic leaves an economically threatening legacy of high budget deficits and public debt. Professor Tony Makin shares his insights. Read More


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