Region-China and North East Asia

China’s grey zone tactics amount to far more than just laser games

PETER LAYTON | Just after lunchtime Thursday 17 February, China for the first time undertook grey zone actions in the seas… Read More

Indonesia’s G20 poised to advance women’s economic empowerment

CAITLIN BYRNE | Indonesia’s hosting of the G20 offers transformative potential for advancing issues of gender equality and women’s economic empowerment on the global… Read More

Looking beyond Ukraine: A view from Australia

ELIZABETH BUCHANAN | Writing on current geopolitical affairs, let alone trying to predict what 125,000 Russian troops will do tomorrow, is a challenge. Void… Read More

Boosting maritime law enforcement in Southeast Asia and the South China Sea

MICHAEL HEAZLE | Five and a half years on from the international arbitral tribunal’s rejection of China’s expansive South China Sea claims in July… Read More

Living with a feared China and Russian-built chaos

PETER LAYTON | To Western eyes, China’s wolf-warrior foreign affairs policy and Russia’s extravagant threats over Ukraine can appear cryptic. Read More

Will things change for the better in the tiger year?

COLIN MACKERRAS | On 1 February 2022, the Chinese New Year begins when winter in China gives way to spring. We bid farewell to… Read More

Australia–Japan defence cooperation in the grey zone

PETER LAYTON | Over the last several years, the relationship with China has become increasingly awkward for both Australia and Japan. Other nations have… Read More

Skating on thin ice: Xi’s omicron olympics

ROWAN CALLICK | The Winter Olympic Games will be held from February 4-20 in a ‘green, safe and simple’ way, and for that reason… Read More

Geopolitical risk isn’t rare on earth

EDUADO ROCA, AKIHIRO OMURA AND JOHN FAN | Heightened geopolitical tension is drawing increased attention from businesses and financial markets. Geopolitical risk, occurring as… Read More

A disruptive innovation, future-focussed Australian strategic studies

PETER LAYTON | Australian strategic studies cannot keep up with current rates of geostrategic change. Focussing on different analysis methodologies — such as forward-looking,… Read More


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