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Robotic revolution in home care part 1 | Implications of the Australian Government 2024-2025 budget on aged care

GLORIA GE AND STEPHANIE SCHLEIMER | The recently announced Australian Government 2024–25 Budget includes $2.2 billion reserved to improve safe, quality aged… Read More

Future made in Australia? Evaluating Australia’s 2024 green energy related policies and its potential impact on Asia

CHRISTOPH NEDOPIL AND JING ZHANG | 20-MINUTE READ | Download PDF Introduction On April 11, 2024, Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese… Read More

Chasing the Asia-Pacific green ‘Just Transition’ opportunity

Download PDF CHRISTOPH NEDOPIL, ROB HALES, LAWRENCE ANG AND FABBY TUMIWA  |     Introduction Asia-Pacific economies stand at a… Read More

Who is buying electric vehicles in Australia? A study of early adopters

ANNA MORTIMORE, SHYAMA RATNASIRI AND MD SAYED IFTEKHAR | The global imperative to reduce carbon emissions has brought the issue of… Read More

Griffith Asia-Pacific Strategic Outlook 2024

Discover the region's challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in the Griffith Asia-Pacific Strategic Outlook 2024! Read More

Perspectives:Asia | Australia’s pivot to India

PERSPECTIVES:ASIA | ANDREW CHARLTON  | India is on the rise to become the next global superpower, with a population expected to be larger than… Read More

Pacific Outlook Bulletin | 25 October

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Tropical Cyclone Lola heads for Vanuatu Hard on the heels of the prediction that this upcoming cyclone season will see… Read More

Policy Brief | An agenda for Australia-Republic of Korea climate cooperation with Southeast Asia

ALICE NASON  |  Griffith Asia Institute Policy Brief | 30-MINUTE READ Executive summary Download PDF The intensification of climate change will… Read More

Maritime safety for lives and livelihoods: The multiplier effect of a well-connected Pacific

HEATHER WRATHALL | This article provides a comprehensive overview of the maritime safety needs of the Pacific region and its impact on various aspects of development, such as economic productivity, access to essential services, and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. It effectively highlights the challenges faced by maritime services and suggests Australia could partner with the Pacific to increase access to safe maritime transportation. Read More

Finding a place for youth leadership in Australia’s new International Development Policy

HELEN BERENTS AND KATRINA LEE-KOO |  Asia and the Pacific are the most youthful regions of the world, with 25 per cent of their populations aged between 15 and 29. Combined, the two regions are home to 60 per cent of the world’s youth. Yet, in Australia’s new International Development Policy, young people are virtually absent as the agents and partners who can forge the region’s future. Read More

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