While US-Australia relations are strong, there is a significant gap between the public and current alliance managers. The community focussed on studying, managing, and exploring future opportunities in the US-Australia alliance is concentrated in Canberra. There is a need to broaden the base of support and geographic distribution of alliance managers beyond the Canberra-Sydney corridor and foster the next generation of leaders who have a stake in US-Australia relations.

Griffith Asia Institute partnered with Perth USAsia Centre (University of Western Australia) to deliver the first 3 day workshop in South Bank from 5-7 June 2019.

The goals of the Australia-US Alliance Young Leaders Dialogue program are to:

  • equip the next generation of alliance managers with the knowledge and networks
    needed to manage US-Australia relations in the Indo-Pacific era
  • increase and diversify the number of young professionals with a career interest in
    the future of the US-Australia Alliance,
  • broaden the geographic distribution of the next generation of alliance managers to
    encompass perspectives from different regions of Australia.

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