Host, Professor Renee Jeffery talks to Griffith Law School’s Dr Emma Palmer about her latest book Adapting International Criminal Justice in Southeast Asia: Beyond the International Criminal Court and what led her on the path to studying Asia.

Countries in South East Asia exhibit a range of approaches when prosecuting international crimes. Emma’s book looks at how Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar engage with international criminal justice. She nuances categories of the ‘global’ and ‘local’ and demonstrates how norms can be adapted in multiple spatial and temporal directions beyond the International Criminal Court.

Beginning her career as a private equity infrastructure investment analyst at Macquarie Bank her move to researching Asia was unexpected. This conversation also explores her research interests, including her work on two Australian Research Council projects: one focused on civil society engagement with international criminal tribunals, and the other the challenges for awarding transformative reparations for sexual violence at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

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