Indonesia’s 2022 presidency will provide the G20 with the opportunity to focus on promoting inclusive growth, while demonstrating the country’s growing political influence and offering a chance to shift global attention to the region’s needs.

The economies of the Asia-Pacific region, dynamic in every sense, continue to grapple with the immediate challenges and long shadow of the pandemic. Recovery, particularly from the latest Delta strain, has been patchy, with the World Bank forecasting slow and uneven economic growth, rising household poverty and expanding inequality, the likes of which have not been seen for decades.

And yet, despite the significant setbacks, it remains true that the economies of Asia will drive long-term global recovery. For G20 leaders, getting the policy settings right for the Asia-Pacific region matters, but it cannot happen from afar.

Following on the heels of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia’s G20 presidency presents a unique opportunity for global leaders to deliver more inclusive, sustainable economic development for a region that desperately needs assistance. The stakes for Jakarta are high, but the timing could not be better.

Please click here to read the full “All eyes turn to Indonesia as it takes on the 2022 G20 presidency” article published at The Global Governance Project, written by Griffith Asia Institute Director, Professor Caitlin Byrne.