August, 2023

‘Every flight is a learning event’: Why the V-22 Osprey aircraft won’t be grounded despite dozens of crashes and 54 fatalities

PETER LAYTON | At the weekend a V-22 Osprey aircraft crashed on Melville Island north of Darwin. Of the 23 US Marine Corps personnel onboard,… Read More

Pacific Outlook Bulletin | 30 August

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Vanuatu political impasse continues The Opposition has won its case in the Supreme Court which found that a recent motion… Read More

Wagner chief Prigozhin reportedly killed, but has Putin cooked his own goose?

MATTHEW SUSSEX | Perhaps the most unexpected thing about the plane crash that reportedly killed Yevgeny Prigozhin, the bombastic head of Russia’s infamous Wagner group,… Read More

Australia’s Pacific mindset: Isolation and multiple threats

IAN KEMISH AM | In this second instalment of a three-post series, Ian Kemish outlines how a public mindset overwhelmingly focused on ‘strategic denial’ developed in Australia through the 19th century. Read More

Labour mobility impacts on Vanuatu’s tourism industry: Understanding employer perspectives

LEWIS ROTHWELL | This blog post is the first output of a project led by Dr Kirstie Petrou and Dr Tess… Read More

Southeast Asia snapshot #57

SOVINDA PO | The political situation in Myanmar as of 16 August 2023 Recently, the military junta has extended the country’s state of… Read More

Strategic denial and Australia’s Pacific mindset

This is the first in a three-part series in which GAI Industry fellow Ian Kemish AM explores the history of Australia’s public mindset towards the Pacific. Read More

Memories of Burma’s art scene in the 1970s

ANDREW SELTH  |     As one gets older, memories of past times and old friends tend to fade, but they also become more important… Read More

The AUKUS deal will be hotly debated at the ALP national conference, but its real vulnerabilities lie in America

MATTHEW SUSSEX | This year’s ALP national conference, beginning August 17, promises to be somewhat feistier than its recent COVID-affected (and boring) predecessors. Yet… Read More

Privatising Poverty Series Part 8:  New Democrats

RON BEVACQUA  |  Left-leaning neo-liberals rose to power just as new ideas about economic development and poverty reduction emerged. Old-style New Deal democrats… Read More


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