Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 14 October

Solomon Islands reports COVID-19 cases Authorities in Solomon Islands have confirmed that their country is no longer free from cases of COVID-19. There have… Read More

US election: The future of our planet is on the ballot

The 2020 US presidential election is a pivotal moment for global efforts to tackle climate change. No matter the result, Australia will face renewed pressure to do its share to reduce emissions. Read More

Thought Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis was a pre-election shocker? Wait until he plays the Taiwan card

The world was shocked, if not entirely surprised, by US President Donald Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis earlier this month. But there could be more “October surprises”… Read More

Foreign Minister Payne flies out for Quad diplomacy

CAITLIN BYRNE  |  What a relief it must have been for Australia’s Foreign Minister, Marise Payne to step on a plane earlier this week. Read More

Southeast Asia Snapshot #4

Power struggle in Malaysian politics. Cambodia demolishes US-built facility at Ream Naval Base. Protests against labour law in Indonesia. More from Dr Lucy West in South East Asia Snapshot. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 7 October

New Caledonia referendum on independence The people of New Caledonia have voted in a referendum on whether they should become independent from France. It was… Read More

Competence in a crisis: the new marker of soft power in a chaotic world

Aside from its devastating human impact, COVID-19 has revealed deep social, economic and political fault lines in and across the global system. How states and other global actors engage in this system and the extent to which they mine, obscure or seek to bridge emerging fault lines for advantage will reflect on their soft power. Read More

Xi’s thoughtful, constructive approach emphasises common future

Colin Mackerras, shares his insights on Xi Jinping's speech, given on Sept 23 at the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Read More

Budget 2020: we need a strict supply side focus to fix this government induced recession

This recession is not remotely related to any previous recession Australia has experienced says Tony Makin. Read More

New Caledonians will vote again on independence. Will the answer this time be ‘Oui’?

On October 4, New Caledonians will go to the polls. For the second time in the past two years, they will be asked if they wish to remain a part of France or become an independent country. Read More

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