A climate for change in the Pacific

Pacific island states hope to work with a new administration in the White House to galvanise global action on climate change, writes Wesley Morgan. Read More

Nuclear Ban Treaty: Wishful thinking over realism

Lacking enforcement mechanisms or a practical path toelimination, the treaty has little chance of being effective. You could be forgiven for assuming that governments of the world inhabit… Read More

Regional wrap | 61

The past fortnight may well have been the prologue to the most consequential event this year, and perhaps, this decade. As I write this fortnightly… Read More

Southeast Asia Snapshot #6

A fortnightly snapshot of what’s making headlines in South East Asia. Myanmar heads to the polls On November 8, Myanmar citizens will head to the… Read More

Understanding Australia-Indonesia relations in the post-authoritarian era

RETA NABBS-KELLER | Little analytical heed has been paid to the particular effects of Indonesia’s democratic transition on its relations with Australia. Indonesia’s democratisation experience… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 4 November

Controversial funding of biomedical start-up in Papua New Guinea Government funding of a biomedical start-up in PNG has caused controversy. Niugini Biomed was established as… Read More

A New Standard for Pacific Cybercrime Legislation

Vanuatu is poised to adopt a new cybercrime law, and to become a regional cyber centre. Dan McGarry shares his insights Read More

Fostering intergenerational dialogue in the Pacific: A personal reflection

Iree chow shares a personal reflection on fostering intergenerational dialogue in the Pacific. Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 28 October

Candidate registrations conclude in Samoa The period for registration of candidates in Samoa has concluded. This is part of the preparations for the general elections… Read More

Can COVID-19 advance gender equality in China’s health policies?

The coronavirus pandemic revealed the disconnect between wishful official edicts and rigid social conventions. Read More

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