June, 2019

No longer in a cleft stick: India and Australia in the Indo-Pacific

India has assumed far greater prominence in Australian strategic thinking in recent times, as a potential economic and political counterweight to China. While Australia’s Indo-Pacific… Read More

Beyond ‘balancing’: alternative US grand strategies for dealing with China and Russia

It’s time to start paying attention. The US–China spat is doubling down. The hardline speeches given by Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe and… Read More

The great Indian GDP debate: Has the former Chief Economic Adviser got it right?

Arvind Subramanian, now at Harvard and the Petersen Institute for International Economics, was the former Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) to the Indian government from October… Read More

Diplomatic intelligence

When I joined the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs in 1973, my fellow trainees and I were told that diplomatic receptions were not simply social… Read More

Regional wrap

This fortnight, millions of Hong Kongers took to the streets to protest against a proposed bill that would allow them to be extradited to… Read More

Pressure builds with more protests in Hong Kong, but what’s the end game?

The latest protests in Hong Kong on Sunday, which organisers said brought some 2 million people to the streets, represented yet another striking show of “people… Read More

“It’s not hard to become a political cartoonist from China, because there are only five or six of us”

The most internationally famous of Australia’s 1.2 million people of Chinese ethnicity “came out” this week. He is the best-known Chinese cartoonist in the world,… Read More

Hawke on foreign policy

The Hawke Government came to power in March 1983 during a turbulent period in international affairs. The world was… Read More

Australia-US Alliance Young Leaders Dialogue

While US-Australia relations are strong, there is a significant gap between the public and current alliance managers. The community focussed on studying, managing, and exploring future opportunities… Read More

Mobilisation in the information technology era

Artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, robotics, cloud computing.  The information technology (IT) revolution rolls on, progressively changing the world. The revolution is most… Read More

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