Do FDI inflows increase income inequality in APEC developing economies?

The effects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are widely debated in academic, policymaking and development circles. In a time of prolific economic globalisation, accelerated through… Read More

A gateway to opportunity: Beyond the program

The Asia Future Fellows program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that provides Griffith University  and Peking University students the opportunity to experience each culture, expand their… Read More

Australia and Indonesia working together to address sustainable development and climate change

Last week Griffith Asia Institute (GAI) led an academic delegation to Indonesia for the Jakarta launch of the Collaborative Australia-Indonesia Program on Sustainable Development and… Read More

The rise and rise of Asia’s cities

SUSAN HARRIS RIMMER AND CHURUKA EKANAYAKE | Why Focus on Cities? On 12 March 2013, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chair of the… Read More

The Australian Army’s drone air force

PETER LAYTON | The first Military International Drone Racing Tournament was just held in Sydney, featuring competitors from across the world, and the… Read More

Chinese FDI in New Zealand: What are Chinese investors looking for?

Foreign direct investment (FDI) by China is increasing globally, but we know relatively little about why Chinese investors acquire assets in New Zealand. In a… Read More

A grand strategy Plan A for Australia?

PETER LAYTON | Worry abounds. There are calls for radically new defence policies, a defence Plan B, a doubling of… Read More

Explainer: how international competition affects how much you earn

The slump in wage growth is not just an Australian phenomenon – wage growth in most advanced economies has been lower than expected in recent years. Read More

Growth and the Padma Bridge: Has the Bangladesh PM got it right?

YAN ISLAM | In a recent statement, the Bangladesh Prime Minister noted that, once the nation’s biggest infrastructure project, known as the multi-purpose… Read More

Compulsory voting and ethnic diversity increase invalid voting while corruption does not: An analysis of 417 parliamentary elections in 73 countries

Voting is the most fundamental way for citizens to influence who gets to govern their country. At the same time, voting comes with certain costs… Read More


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