July, 2018

Finance and socio-economic development in Fiji

A recent joint study by Reserve Bank of Fiji’s Krishal Prasad and Griffith University’s Parmendra Sharma and Samsul Alam begins to fill the gaps in the… Read More

Burma (Myanmar) since the 1988 uprising: A select bibliography (Third edition)

When nation-wide pro-democracy demonstrations were crushed by the armed forces in 1988, thrusting Myanmar (Burma) into the world’s headlines, there was a surge of public… Read More

The case for a free and open Indo-Pacific

Well before Trump became president, the US’s long-established China policy – a combination of engagement and deterrence sometimes called ‘congagement’ – was beginning to look… Read More

Regional wrap

While the most talked-about development, globally, was the Helsinki Summit between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Asia Pacific region… Read More

Rupiah’s rough ride – when will it stop?

The Indonesian rupiah has gone through a rough ride this year as the currency continues to weaken against the US dollar. In early May, it… Read More

Establishing people to people links | 2018 Asia Future Fellows

This July, 12 Griffith University students and 10 Peking University students of a plethora of disciplinary backgrounds participated in the Brisbane half of the Asia… Read More

Age of uncertainty for Asia Pacific

Our Asia-Pacific region is continuing to drive global economic growth as the new financial year sets off. But beneath this layer of business as… Read More

To engage China, or balance it? Lessons from a failed grand strategic exercise

How should a great power manage a rival with an authoritarian government, a state-directed capitalist economy, strong mercantilist tendencies and a “leader for life” that… Read More

There are more foreign firms than we think!

Conventions for how we define things are of fundamental importance. Sometimes, however, we forget to question these conventions. The case at hand is the definition… Read More

The role of democratic governance in improving transparency and accountability of multinational enterprise in resource-rich countries

In achieving the right regulatory paradigm to promote effective governance for the multinational enterprises in resource rich countries, and more specifically on the mining and… Read More