Regional wrap

As talks of a new Cold War between the US and China intensified in the lead up to the G20 summit in Argentina this fortnight,… Read More

Wrapping up a remarkable 2018

CAITLIN BYRNE  | The year began, for me at least, in New Delhi as part of Australian Government delegation to the Raisina Dialogue (India’s… Read More

Is central bank autonomy in India under threat?

YAN ISLAM | Urjit Patel, until very recently the 24th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), could no longer maintain his customary… Read More

Perspectives:Asia | ‘In search of safe ground in the Pacific’

John Rodsted, Adjunct Professor, Queensland College of Art, photographer, author and film maker spoke to us after his recent visit to the United Nations in… Read More

Israel embassy issue costs Australia’s farmers

What’s really at stake in the stand-off between Canberra and Jakarta over the potential relocation of the Australian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv… Read More

The Indo-Pacific and rules-based order: Old concepts and new implications

As a geographical conception, the “Indo-Pacific” has existed for decades. As a political and strategic conception, the “Indo-Pacific” has become popular in some states’ foreign… Read More

Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC): Legacies, law, and peoples

Multiple consequences of the violence and conflict that engulfed Cambodia during and surrounding the Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979) continues to be experienced. The Cambodian Government… Read More

US-China competition is all about us

PETER LAYTON | We are not entering a new Cold War, despite both Chinese President Xi and US Vice-President Pence finding… Read More

Steady but slow in Australia-Japan security cooperation

IAN HALL AND MICHAEL HEAZLE | Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent visit to Darwin was rightly billed as historic and “… Read More

Leadership and regionalism in South East Asia – with Dr Marty Natalegawa

CAITLIN BYRNE  | As 2018 draws to a close, Australia’s relationship with Indonesia could not be more important. Although the approach — from both… Read More


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