October, 2017

Belt and Road: The case for ‘wait and see’

Nick Bisley is right to call for a clearer – and I would add more confident – Australian strategy towards China. But should this involve signing… Read More

India’s growth slowdown: Reflections of the Reserve Bank

India’s recent growth slowdown has elicited a lively national discussion – see here, for example. It was reinforced by a scathing op-ed by Yashwant Sinha,… Read More

Comparing development indicators: Revisiting the Sen-Dreze thesis of India’s ‘uncertain glory’

In 2013, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and his co-author Jean Dreze published their treatise on India’s ‘uncertain glory’. They acknowledged that the ‘…picture of a new… Read More

Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok: A showcase of Russia’s pivot to Asia?

The schedule of top-level international events in the Asia-Pacific is famously busy. To keep a finger on the pulse of the region, numerous politicians, businessmen,… Read More