March, 2017

Myanmar and Aung San: The resurrection of an icon

In this post on The Interpreter, Andray Abrahamian recently drew attention to the Myanmar government’s decision to name a bridge in southern Mon State… Read More

Advancing China’s South China Sea dominance

In a recent PLA Navy (PLAN) journal article, South Sea Fleet officers declared that China has achieved military supremacy in the South China Sea. This… Read More

Sovereignty and the sea: How Indonesia became an archipelagic state

John Butcher, an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of International Business and Asian Studies and Griffith Asia Institute recently published a book, co-authored with… Read More

Singapore’s air force reinvents itself

Since 2005, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has been steadily reinventing itself as a ‘third generation’ force in accordance with an overarching Singaporean… Read More

The wisdom in the literature

Andrew Selth outlines why past generations’ accumulated literary and scholarly work on Myanmar is at risk of being lost — and what this might mean… Read More

Prioritising foreign investment in APEC

Greatly expanded international trade within the Asia-Pacific over recent decades has fuelled regional and world economic growth. APEC members account for over forty per cent… Read More

Defending the liberal order takes more than rhetoric

Julie Bishop’s recent speech in Singapore was out of date and stale. Her remarks exhibited two major and ongoing flaws in the government’s foreign… Read More

The Australia­­–India–Japan trilateral: converging interests… and converging perceptions?

Back in 1967, the Australian National University held a conference on the theme, India, Japan, Australia: Partners in Asia? It was an interesting time to… Read More

America’s new alliance management

The Trump administration has embraced a new, reductionist approach to managing its alliances. James Mattis, on his first visit to Europe as secretary of defence,… Read More

Negotiating for water resources – bridging transboundary river basins

Dr Andrea Haefner, an Adjunct Research Fellow of the Griffith Asia Institute, recently published a book focusing on transboundary river basins in Southeast Asia, Europe… Read More