February, 2017

Trade, security ties and engaging the Indonesian diaspora – what you need to know about Widodo’s Australia visit

Officials from both Canberra and Jakarta must have been privately relieved last night. The first official visit to Australia by Indonesian President Joko Widodo (“Jokowi”)… Read More

Why Australia and Japan need a Plan B

Concern over the possible decline of US power and the resilience of its commitment to underwriting security in Asia is not new. In the post-1945… Read More

A poem and the politics of high imperialism

Michael Wesley takes a look at a new book by Andrew Selth and the story of how a poem by Rudyard Kipling took an empire… Read More

Electoral integrity expert joins the Griffith Asia Institute

Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma joined the Griffith Asia Institute in late December 2016 after almost four years working as a Research Associate at the… Read More

Vietnam’s exchange rate policy

This year Vietnam is the host APEC country, convening a series of official meetings that will culminate in the APEC leaders’ forum in November. Vietnam’s… Read More

G20 Engagement and the foreign office

The G20 began as a forum for Finance Ministers and Bank Governors in 1999, but with the addition of the Leaders’ Summits in 2008, the… Read More

The 2 percent NATO benchmark is a red herring

The usefulness of America’s allies was severely questioned during Donald Trump’s election campaign. Allies were presented as costing America a considerable amount and giving little… Read More

The Griffith-Tsinghua conference: Chinese scholars debate international relations

On December 11-12, 2016, Griffith University and Tsinghua University successfully hosted a two-day conference entitled, “Chinese Scholars Debate International Relations” in Beijing, China. With generous… Read More

University launches internship to help India’s slum communities

Griffith University is continuing with its mission to create globally responsible leaders with its latest internship program, funded by the government’s New Colombo Plan. Dubbed… Read More

Modi’s vision for India as a normative power

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s energetic conduct of India’s foreign policy has attracted much public and academic attention. Yet his desire to see India become what… Read More