Transforming the Philippine workforce through leadership development

Griffith human resource (HR) and leadership experts Professor Adrian Wilkinson and Dr Jeanne McConachie are among prominent international speakers at this year’s Philippine national HR… Read More

Sound tax policies boost tourism and economic growth

Issued by the APEC Tourism Working Group Boracay, the Philippines, 28 May 2015 – Changes in taxes on travel and tourism impact the number of… Read More

Women’s leadership in universities in the Australia and Hong Kong, SAR

Article by Elise Stephenson An equitable number of women and men leaders in our society is crucial to be able to fully capitalise on future growth,… Read More

Brisbane 2022: New World City Action Plan

A committee tasked with shaping the city’s economic development strategy for the next seven years has today handed down its report which outlines more… Read More

Australia-Indonesia relations under spotlight

Strained, tense, low and at risk. These are but some of the terms attributed to Australia’s relationship with Indonesia in recent times, from the phone… Read More

New cultural courses at the Tourism Confucius Institute

The speed and elegance of traditional Chinese brush-work art can seem a magical skill for western artists used to painting in oils and acrylic. In… Read More

APEC policy researchers offer strategies to accelerate economic integration

Boracay, the Philippines, 13 May 2015 – Leading academics and policy makers recommended strategies for APEC to accelerate regional economic integration and inclusive growth in… Read More

Disaster financing highlighted at APEC Study Centre conference

Griffith APEC Study Centre fellow Dr Alex Robson, today presented at the 2015 APEC Study Centre conference, addressing over 100 researchers, government and APEC officials… Read More

Japan Foundation support for bilateral dialogue

The Griffith Asia Institute has been awarded funding by The Japan Foundation to host the 2015 Australia-Japan Dialogue as part of the Institute’s successful Asian… Read More

As the mining boom wanes, Australia pivots to services

In this ‘Economy in transition’ series, we explore the new economy facing Australia and the opportunities available to help the country shift from a… Read More

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