The South China Sea gentlemen’s competition: The USS Lassen transit round

PETER LAYTON | In a recent post Kai He insightfully examined the recent transit by the USS Lassen close to China’s new man-made islands… Read More

Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy workshop

On 22 and 23 October 2015, the “Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy: Some insight from an evolutionary perspective” workshop brought together leading academics from a… Read More

The Inaugural GS2N Symposium

On 22nd and 23rd October 2015 the inaugural GS2N symposium, which was funded by the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI), the School of Government and International… Read More

China Brief: Communicating with China

The November 2015 China Brief, “Communicating with China: The interplay of language and culture,” was held at Griffith University’s South Bank Graduate Centre Building on Tuesday, 17… Read More

The realities of power in Myanmar

Over the past few months, articles and op-eds by experts and others on Myanmar’s general elections have covered almost every conceivable aspect of the subject. Read More

Gentlemen’s competition in the South China Sea

Gentlemen’s Competition in the South China Sea: How Will China and the United States Fight Over the FON? The freedom of navigation in the… Read More

Perspectives:Asia | ‘Life as a Weapon’

The Perspectives:Asia seminar – Life as a Weapon: Do suicide bombings really make sense? was held at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art on 5 November, 2015.  During… Read More

2015 Australia – Indonesia Dialogue

Griffith Asia Institute and The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) jointly hosted the 3rd Australia-Indonesia Dialogue in Brisbane, Australia on 9-10 September 2015. The aim… Read More

Mr Jokowi goes to Washington

When the Indonesian president, Mr Jokowi, set off for Washington on 25 October, expectations about the outcomes of the visit were not especially high. While… Read More

The Ma Xi meeting: A Taiwan perspective

Who are the players? Xi Jinping is president of the People’s Republic of China and head of the Chinese Communist Party; the PRC is a… Read More

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